"feedback about you guys was nothing but positive. Everyone loved it. 
Until the next time....." Hayes Carnival 2018 - Hillingdon Council Events.

"I think you've got something really special" David Longford - Creative Learning Manager - Theatre Royal & Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham

"It was enchanting. The children were really enjoying it and it was a great way for them to find out about music - lovely!" Mandy Hare, General Manager - The Woodville, Gravesend, Kent 

"Just wanted to say a big thank you. The team said you were great and that the kids and parents were all very happy" - Lissa Cleaver, Events and Special Projects, The Club at The Ivy - April 2016

"Thank you so much for your hard work on Thursday and Friday, I know you had a to stay a littler later than planned but I could tell that you just love what you do which is so refreshing to see! 

It was a fantastic addition to our event and I’m glad you were there to see it!"

Chelsea Roberts - London Business School Congregation Events Team 

- July 2016

" The music was excellent and the script moved along at a cracking pace. The audience was fully engaged and it all felt like great fun!" - Neil Bennison, Music Programme Manager, Theatre Royal & Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham

4th Hendon Brownies:

Last week Verona came to do balloons with us.  We made insects.  It was so fun.  Annabelle age 7

When Verona came I was so excited.  First we blew up balloons which had a tail. Next we blew up a very long balloon.  Then we made a head, made the long balloon into wings and made a butterfly.

Hetty Age 7

Last week we had a balloon lady called Verona come in. First we took a black, red, white or yellow balloon, pumped it up and took part of it and twisted it.  Then we took a long balloon, blew it up and did all sorts of twists on it and tied it together.  The day was so much fun and I want to do it again. Amy age 7

Verona was amazing.  When we made the balloons it was fun.  We made a butterfly and I drew a funny face. Marissa age 7


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