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We're off to the Edinburgh Fringe 2021!

In person shows at The Counting House, The Ballroom 

38, West Nicolson Street, Edinburgh EH8 9DD

Cecily's Belly Laugh Picnic with the Musical Balloon Band - Verona Chard

Box Office: 0161 226 0000

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The Musical Balloon Band performs an interactive live family music show with a twist! 

It incorporates the art of balloon modelling and great music making. We also use singing, props, words, and movement. 

The star of the Donkey Dots For Tots Show is Cecily 'the balloon' Donkey on her various Safari adventures 

with Verona Chard and their 'ballooney' friends.

Our style is varied with influences from the  jazz, global, popular and classical worlds of sound, rhythm and text. 

Great for Festivals and Outdoor Events and Community fun days.

Any size venue or open space

Appeals to 6 years and under plus
their siblings and grown ups of all ages.

Anyone can have fun

Full Show, Cabaret or Band for Theatres, Art's Centres, Events and all spaces large or small.

Any length performance average 50 mins

2013 The Musical Balloon Band was chosen for it's excellence by the Theatre Royal and Royal Concert Hall Nottingham when they mentored Verona for their BeanBag Music series. 

A Scheme supported by the Art's Council. 

After each show there's the chance to meet the musicians and get up close to the instruments. Great musical fun with your family. Lively ways to learn through song and movement. 

Hands-on musical fun.